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Announcing the new Recipe of the Week page

Bon Vivant has added a new page and it’s interactive!

Although small, Bon Vivant is growing. And part of that growth now includes a new page where you, the readers, can see your favorite recipes featured from week to week. The “Recipe of the Week'” page will highlight readers’ favorite recipes.

Whether it’s a treasured recipe passed down in your family from generation to generation, or something you whipped up last week on the spur of the moment, your favorites have a home here at Bon Vivant.

Submitting is easy click HERE to submit along with any pictures of the finished dish that you may have. Include the following: your name, whether the recipe is of your own creation or adapted/borrowed from elsewhere (such as from The Food Network,, etc.) and a link to your personal web page (yes, shameless self-promotion of you) OR a link to your favorite food-related site. Bon Vivant will do the rest. [NOTE: If you don’t wish for either to be listed, please note this when submitting recipe.]

Whether it’s American fare, Mexican, sushi, pasta, or whatever, it doesn’t matter—if you have a hankerin’ for it, then it’s good enough for Bon Vivant.

Submit your recipe(s) soon to be considered for Recipe of the Week!


1 Comment on Announcing the new Recipe of the Week page

  1. Once I find my favorite recipe (it's a little complicated and I don't recall it by heart) I'll submit it. It was handed down to my mother from her mother, and then on to me.



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