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Gadgets ‘n Stuff: Folding Chopsticks

I love Asian food. There, I said it. That statement doesn’t make me racist, snobbish or egregious. It simply makes me a woman whose palate can appreciate all of the wonderful flavors and nuances that generally accompany cuisine of the Asian variety, ergo—a raging foodie.

As much as I love the cuisine, however, there is one thing that I am particularly bad at that is the source of personal shame every time I dine in an Asian restaurant: I can’t use a pair of chopsticks to save my life.

However, coming across these little beauties might just inspire me to practice practice practice until it is second nature. Then, lo and behold, I can whip out my very own pair of Folding Chopsticks!

These chopsticks, made by Brunton, are bamboo and stainless steel, and fold for convenient storage and comes with its own burn-your-retina Dayglo Orange carrying case.

Will I really whip out a pair of chopsticks and enthustiastically begin on my journey—a quest, if you will—to become a chopsticks weilding guru? It’s doubtful. But should I ever learn to manipulate the feeding utensils in a proper manner that won’t send food propelling through the air as if it had been shot from a rogue cannon (as has been demonstrated by yours truly in the past), that will be the first important step in my educational voyage.

The Brunton Flip Sticks Folding Chopsticks can be found at Moosejaw for $12.99, Sierra Trading Post for $19.50, and other places around the web.


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