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A Return to Greatness: Eclisse Italian Resturant

Eclisse’s fabulous Melanzane Rollatini
Last night, my husband and I revisited an Italian restaurant that, while I am very fond of it, we haven’t been to in a while. However, it was my vivid mouth-watering memories of their divine Melanzane Rollatini that made me dock on Eclisse’s doorstep once again.
While we didn’t have reservations, the hostess was happy to seat us. The only problem was her estimation of a ten minute wait turned into roughly thirty minutes. I was a few mere sips away from gulping down the last of a deliciously potent Chocolate Martini and walking out in abject frustration. That was, however, until my husband wrangled the manager and complained.

“Ten more minutes, signore,” the manager said, blowing a stray hair from his otherwise well-manicured coif out of his face.

“That’s what we were told thirty minutes ago.”

I was thisclose to the last sip and ready to make my move.
“Two more minutes. I promise you!”
And with that, we were seated two minutes later. And so went the beginnings of an ultimately lovely meal where we indulged in fabulous Italian cuisine that was well worth the wait.
While the Melanzane Rollatini i what brought me in the door, I decided to forego my creature of habit routine and delight my taste buds with a different appetizer from the menu. While you always run the risk of being flat out lied to whenever you ask the waiter “So what’s your favorite dish here?” I nevertheless put my trusty palate in the hands of our waiter and went along with his suggestion of the Roasted Duck Wrap.
Roasted Duck Wrap
Ironically, I had a similar—albeit miniscule—duck wrap the night before and, while that one was very good, this duck dish quacked that one out of the water. Oven roasted Long Island duck was lovingly rolled in a tortilla with chunky avocado, mozzarella cheese, onions and green peppers. The flavor profile was vibrant and demanding. It has quickly become one of my new favorites.
Mashed potato and onion ring garnish

After the delicious duck, I was now in the mood for pizza. What one has to do with the other is totally beyond me, but in my perfect little world it somehow made sense.

Ravioli Affumicato
Ironically, the roles had been reversed and now my husband and I had traded culinary places: he ordered the exact dish I ordered on our very first visit to Eclisse and, in turn, I ordered the same dish that he had. So there we sat—him with his wonderfully hued Ravioli Affumicato filled with smoked chicken and sun dried tomatoes, and me with my Pollo Pesto Pizza draped with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers and mozzarella—on the verge of indulging in one of life’s little pleasures: Food.
Pollo Pesto Pizza
As with our first experience (and second and third), Eclisse didn’t fail to impress. The cuisine is hearty, old world with a new vibe and just plain damn good. And if you’re looking for skimpy plates, don’t look here. I believe their secret motto is “Feed In Abundance” because that’s exactly what they do. The plates here aren’t small, and you have the option of a ‘regular’ plate or you can have your dish served family –style (and size).
I’m glad my husband and I decided to revisit Eclisse. It just reinforced in my mind that, with the plethora of Italian restaurants in and around Stamford, it is possible to stand out from the crowd.
700 Canal Street
Stamford, CT 06902 

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