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It’s Grilling Time! 5 Bodacious BBQ Gadgets Fit for a Grill Master

Black & Blum’s Hot Pot BBQ Grill

by Valerie Albarda

Grilling season is officially upon us, as if you couldn’t tell by the savory, smoky grilled aromas wafting through your neighborhood. More likely than not, there’s a designated grill master at your homestead who takes pleasure in lording over the grill. You know, it’s that lone individual, usually a male, who commandeers control of the grill, wields a set of tongs like a S

For those backyard prodigies of the barbecue ilk who think they have it all together, perhaps there’s at least one item that’s missing from their grilling arsenal. [Click to read the rest of the article]

[Article originally appeared in Woman Around Town; 6/4/12]



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