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5 Clever Gadgets to Make Dining a Delight

[This article was originally featured in Woman Around Town, 7/30/13]

When it comes to mealtime – whether you’re dining solo at home, making a fun evening of it at a friend’s house, or pulling out all the stops and entertaining a lively bunch as the crowd flows from your kitchen to your dining room and back again – indulge in style. Whether that style speaks to your pragmatic side, your playful side, the quirky chap trapped inside of you or all of the above, the choice is up to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s for one or twenty-one, dining should be an event. Make it a great and entertaining affair with these interesting dining accompaniments. If nothing else, these accoutrements will make great conversation starters, and that lively banter could be the beginning of a wonderful meal.

PopArt Placemats

popart placemat

Allow your imagination to soar with this set of unique and inspiring placemats. PopMat paper placemats would be delightful additions to any table. The placemats feature pop-up illustrations ranging from butterflies, a pram, a horse-drawn carriage and even a jungle safari scene—15 different designs in all. Your beautifully appointed table will be the talk of the garden party.

Duct Tape Dinnerware

duct tape plate

Lovers of duct tape, recipients of “honey do” lists and those who reign supreme as the ultimate Fixers of Things, unite! Feel free to declare yourself a victim of the recession as you serve dinner to your guests on this collection of screwball plates and bowls that looks like garage sale rejects. The secret to this whimsical assortment is the high resolution images which makes the duct tape appear so realistic, you’ll be tempted to rip off a strip. Great as a gag gift, or for the thrifty, budget conscious person lurking within all of us.

Meal Measure

meal measure

Been trying to lose a few unwanted pounds but you can’t seem to resist piling more food on your plate? Heard about portion control but you’re not quite sure what a portion of certain foods is? The Meal Measure Portion Control Plate helps you gain control by measuring appropriate portions at mealtime. Each allotment on the Meal Measure is labeled for placement of vegetables or fruit, protein and starch. True, it may not be of much use with that gigantic multi-layered grinder you’re about to devour, but all good things come in due time. Measuring your food may not provide you with hours of mind-numbing joy, however, once you begin to shed pounds you’ll certainly feel a twinge of happiness.

Wine Holder Plates

wine holder plate 

When planning a cocktail party, surely you can sympathize with your guests when you spy them from across the room as they struggle to juggle a plate of food and a glass of wine while shaking someone’s hand. Well toil no more. This set of four clear acrylic plates effortlessly supports those delicious hors d’oeuvres as well as a glass of wine simultaneously. Your guests will love you for thinking about their precarious juggling act and they’ll appreciate the gorgeous and elegant design, too.

Floorplan Dinnerware

floorplan dinnerware

When it comes to whimsical, edgy and fun dinnerware, kitchenware, glassware and the like, Fishs Eddy has got all of the bases covered, and this Floor Plan patterned dishware is no exception. As they say, “Why rent when you can own?” You may not be able to own a studio apartment in NYC, but you can certainly afford the next best thing in the form of a Studio plate, Terrace plate, Penthouse platter, or floor plan mugs and dish towels. And the best part about it is you won’t be lying when you tell your friends you own a NYC penthouse.


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