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Today’s Foodism: An Understanding and Appreciation Equals an Informed Palate

Valerie Albarda

Gourmet food—premium meats, delectable cheeses, dishes so elegant and phenomenal as to bring one to the very brink of tears—are desired by those who have a true sense of appreciation for it. This is by no means an across-the-board advocation of food snobbery. On the contrary, it merely shines a light on the depth of pleasure that is derived when there is an understanding of not only what goes into the making of such fine cuisine but also a conscious recognition of the comingling of wonderful flavors. Mine was not always a discriminating palate, and I still have a long journey yet on this road of culinary discovery. However, with each new dish, the true pleasure I derive from food brings me one step closer to a well-informed palate.



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