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An Homage to Julia . . .

Photo: Thomas J. Gibbons/Getty Images

Photo: Thomas J. Gibbons/Getty Images

I am a fan of Julia Child. I love what she stood for, I love the passion which she had for food and I loved her quirky voice. Most of all, though, I have an affinity for her flair for writing and her thought process. She has provided the culinary world with many magnificent quotes, some of which have appeared here on Bon Vivant as Foodisms (see below for Julia Child quotes featured as Foodisms) and many, many more that give rise to the greatness that was Julia. Her words were as savory as her culinary masterpieces. Her status is legendary . . . but then again, you already knew that.

Julia Child left this world in August 2004. If she were still alive today, she would have celebrated her 101st birthday this past August 15. Even though she is no longer with us, there’s so much of her that still lives on and resonates with so many people, not only in this country but around the world.

Today I came across a video that I viewed for the first time in August 2012 on the anniversary of her 100th birthday. It is a voice mashup and visual piece by PBS that set the very lyrical words of Julia Child to music in an AutoTune remix titled “Keep on Cooking.” Her words come to harmonious life in this video. Here, for your viewing and listening pleasure, the late great Julia Child.

Bon Vivant Foodisms featuring quotes by Julia Child

As Julia would say, Bon Appetit!


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