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Listageddon: The World’s 50 Best Bars – 2013

You know that little hideaway bar that you like to abscond to every weekend without fail (and sometimes during the week as well) for a pint of ale, a plate of comfort food and stimulating conversation with whoever happens to be within shouting distance? Yeah, well I’m guessing that bar didn’t make it onto the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2013. That’s okay; if I had a favorite, it probably wouldn’t have shown up on the list either.

“Wait a second, Valerie,” you’re probably saying aloud, “you mean there’s a list?”

My reply would be, “Why yes, kind stranger . . . yes there is.” Another list. And before you ask, the list is compiled by a group of individuals collectively known as The Academy. A whopping 227 members strong, The Academy members like to think of themselves as being “among the most influential and knowledgeable in the bar industry.” Their words, not mine. It is nice to see, however, that the make-up of these 227 members is truly international. You can view The Academy members list HERE.

Artesian at the Langham Hotel [Photo:  World's 50 Best Bars website]

Artesian at the Langham Hotel
[Photo: World’s 50 Best Bars website]

Well now the votes are in and have been tallied. Last night, October 10, the 50 Best were announced at an awards ceremony held in London organized by London-based Drinks International. Topping the list for the second year in a row is London’s Artesian at the Langham Hotel. (This won’t be the last time you see London on this list…) Rounding out the top 5 (second through fifth place, respectively) are Nightjar (London), High Five (Tokyo), Connaught Bar (London) and The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog (New York).

There were also seven regional winners announced as follows:

In its entirety, I give you the list (along with links to a select few).

World’s 50 Best Bars 2013:

  1. Artesian at the Langham Hotel, London
  2. Nightjar, London
  3. High Five, Tokyo
  4. Connaught Bar, London
  5. The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York
  6. Happiness Forgets, London
  7. Black Pearl, Melbourne
  8. Baxter Inn, Sydney
  9. Candelaria, Paris
  10. 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore
  11. Calooh Callay, London
  12. Employees Only, New York
  13. PDT, New York {Note: PDT held the #1 spot in 2011; patrons gain entrance to the bar through a secret wall in a phone booth in the Crif Dogs hotdog shop next door}
  14. Dry Martini, Barcelona
  15. Door 74, Amsterdam
  16. Le Lion Bar De Paris, Hamburg
  17. Buck & Breck, Berlin
  18. The Parlour, Frankurt
  19. The Jerry Thomas Project, Rome
  20. American Bar At The Savoy Hotel, London
  21. Death & Co., New York
  22. Ruby, Copenhagen
  23. Schumann’s, Munich
  24. The Everleigh, Melbourne
  25. Eau De Vie, Sydney
  26. Bulletin Place, Sydney
  27. 69 Colebrooke Row, London
  28. Chainaya. Tea & Cocktails, Moscow
  29. Mutis, Barcelona
  30. Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco
  31. Clover Club, New York
  32. Bramble, Edinburgh
  33. Le Forum, Paris
  34. Zetter Townhouse, London
  35. Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires
  36. Lebensstern, Berlin
  37. La Capilla, Tequila, Mexico
  38. Quinary, Hong Kong
  39. Little Red Door, Paris
  40. Le Coq, Paris
  41. Shady Pines, Syndney
  42. Attaboy, New York
  43. Sherry Butt, Paris
  44. Pouring Ribbons, New York
  45. Tippling Club Singapore
  46. Drink, Boston
  47. Tommy’s, San Francisco
  48. Baba Au Rum, Athens
  49. Nottingham Forest, Milan
  50. Delicatessen, Moscow

Did your favorite bar make the list? If you were a member of The Academy, which bars would you nominate?


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