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Five Cheese Cutting Boards That Are Far From Cheesy

[This article was originally featured in Woman Around Town, 8/12/13]

Admit it: we all love cheese. Even those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from the malady of lactose intolerance still have a fondness for fromage and are not above popping a Lactaid pill or two to indulge in a bit of this dairy goodness. Depending on who you ask, there are anywhere from 400 to 1,000 different types of cheeses in the world so you have plenty of time to taste test as many as you desire. Cholesterol, fat and calories aside, aren’t you craving a nice piece of cheese right now?

Before you start wielding that dull knife like a Ninja warrior and grab ahold of that old cutting board that has seen more action than a Jason Statham flick, why not reach for something more fitting for your precious cheese. Serving cheese doesn’t have to be a boring affair. Bring a bit of flair to the table with any one of these fromage-appropriate gadgets.

Prodyne Beechwood Cheese Tray with Cracker Well

cheese wire

If you’re a no-frills, fundamental, “just the facts” type of person, simplicity works best for you. This elegantly simple yet practical beechwood tray with a built-in stainless steel wire cheese slicer and cracker well was made for people with your pragmatic sensibilities. Forget the fancy bells and whistles and go straight for what works. The attached non-slip rubber feet ensure the tray stays put while you slice through semisoft or hard cheeses and the tray isn’t hard on the eyes, either.

Grand Piano Cheese Board

cheese piano

When simplicity just won’t do and you’re looking for something to make a bold statement, then you have just found a masterpiece. This bamboo grand piano styled cheeseboard hits all the right notes not only for the fromage obsessed but for wine lovers as well. This lovely set includes a stainless steel cheese knife, cheese fork and corkscrew. The functional cheese board also makes an interesting conversation piece. Prop up the lid of the “piano” and display the cheese tools as your guests enjoy the sweet music of wine to complement the cheese.

Boska Holland Taste Collection Cheese Curler

cheese curler

Been looking for cheese that will curl your hair? While we can’t promise your tresses will go from straight to curly, we can tell you that this magnificent tool will create beautiful, paper-thin curls of cheese, which enhances and brings out the true flavor of cheeses such as Edam and Tet-de-Moine. Create aesthetically appealing ribbons to adorn appetizers or, for a special treat, fashion edible coils from chocolate.

Swiss Style Cutting Board

swiss cheese

Hole-y smokes! You may not be a fan of swiss cheese, but this whimsical cheese cutting board is sure to put a smile on your face. The swivel pull out drawer of the board houses a brushed steel cheese fork, cheese knife and spreader. The triangular designed teak board features bamboo inlays, giving the board that swiss cheese charm.

Malvern Cheese Board Set

cheese board

This lovely bamboo cheese board is ready to cradle a bounty of crackers to complement any type of cheese you favor. A set of four stainless steel utensils with bamboo handles can be spirited away in the hideaway drawer tucked within the board. Chances are, you’ll want to show off this board to guests as you serve a bevy of cheeses while entertaining. Or, perch the board on your lap while you indulge in a luxurious snack of cheese and crackers for one. Either way, you’ll nibble in style.


2 Comments on Five Cheese Cutting Boards That Are Far From Cheesy

  1. The Bamboo Piano is brilliant!


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