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Today’s Foodism: Skip The Advice . . . Just Go For The Meat

Andy Rooney

Your extremely picky in-laws are coming for dinner tonight and you want the evening to be a success. Pretentious bottle of wine that is sure to satiate the snobby in-laws. Check. A bounty of fresh vegetables straight from the farmers market. Check. A gorgeous fruit tart that you purchased from the posh patisserie in town that you’ll discreetly pass off as your own. Check. All that’s missing is the perfect bottom round for a pot roast that will be to die for…problem is, you’ve never prepared a roast before. So it’s off to the butcher you go, where he will gladly give you his unsolicited expert opinion on the best way to cook that huge hunk of meat you’re about to buy from him. Should you trust his guidance? After all, if he’s such an authority on the subject of meat, surely he would be a chef by trade, right. Or would he?


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