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Today’s Foodism: The Joy of Sharing With a Best Friend

Cookie Monster

A best friend. Everyone has one. It could be the kid who lives down the block; that you play with every afternoon on the playground; the insanely funny guy in the apartment two floors above who has a knack for making you laugh even when you don’t want to; your cubicle mate at work who keeps all of your closely held secrets; the woman you’ve known for thirty-six years and has seen you through two failed marriages, three kids and an menagerie of pets. Your may even consider your best friend to be your spouse, sibling or parent. Regardless of who you call your best friend, these are the people with whom you would share your last cookie. You wouldn’t share it with just anybody. We’d like to think that best friends are forever. Sometimes they are and, sadly, sometimes not. While we have best friends in our lives, we cherish them. We hold onto them dearly. We love them with all our heart. And, from time to time, we share our last cookie with them.


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