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Today’s Foodism: The Best Four Basic Food Groups on Planet Earth

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there existed four major food groups: fruits and vegetables, protein (meat), dairy (milk) and grains (cereal). Thank goodness for chocolate! Of course, we all know that chocolate should have been declared a major food group eons ago, but the regaling of this wonderful treat has finally caught up with the times.

Let us herald in the coming of these new four food groups. I know that some of you (especially the chocolate purists) have a firm belief that white chocolate is not chocolate at all, and to that I shall simply respond with a respectful ”To each his own.” I happen to adore white chocolate and cannot nor will not be talked out of eating it simply because its hue isn’t the color of dirt. But I digress.

These four food groups are to be applauded, put on a pedestal . . . and devoured post haste.



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