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Today’s Foodism: Don’t You Just Love The Scenery?

Mark Twain

How do you take your eggs? Fluffy, buttery and scrambled to perfection? Sunny side up with a strategically centered yolk? Fried to within an inch of its life? No matter what your pleasure is, eggs go well with many things, but are especially wonderful as one half of the dynamic duo known as bacon and eggs. It’s a perennial food favorite. And if it’s not for you, well, then it should be. Don’t argue with me on this one. What’s said is said. Bacon and eggs go together like, well, bacon and eggs. Your mouth should be singing some serious praises at the mere mention. Admit it: when you approach your breakfast table and eyeball a plate of bacon and eggs waiting for you, you smile, don’t you? It’s okay. Everyone does; it’s part of the charm of the scenery that is bacon and eggs.



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