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Saveur’s 5th Annual Best Food Blog Awards—Is Bon Vivant Worthy?

Endless self-promotion can be a turn off to the average Joe. Few people have a high tolerance for the pontifications of those who are more interested with hearing themselves talk (either verbally or via the written word) than they are about those to whom they are addressing their soliloquy. In the spirit of this knowledge, I’ll refrain from begging and pleading and will simply offer to you this statement:

If you enjoy the quality of writing here on this site, I humbly ask that you nominate Bon Vivant as a contender in the Best Writing category of Saveur’s Fifth Annual Best Food Blog Awards.

saveur 2

Bon Vivant is one woman … me … Valerie. This blog covers a little of this and a little of that, but the crux of it is totally steeped in food. While Bon Vivant may not touch on all there is to know in the foodiesphere (I strive for quality above quantity), I hope what it entails—from Foodisms to Meatless Monday posts to thought-provoking musings to dining impressions—keeps you, the reader, entertained. This is not about being a popularity contest but rather a recognition of a job well done. I hope that, in creating Bon Vivant, I have reached that pinnacle for your reading enjoyment.

Nominating a blog (this blog, perhaps?) is quick, easy and painless. Simply go to Saveur’s website by the nomination deadline of March 14, 2014, enter the URL of the blog you wish to nominate, select the category and tell Saveur why you’re nominating that particular blog.

saveur nomination

Of course, I do hope you’ll decide to nominate Bon Vivant, however, if you decide not to, no harm no foul. Either way, I thank you for stopping by, and I hope you’ll continue to pop in from time to time to see what’s new. Thank you … and eat well!

Remember, nominations deadline is March 14, 2014


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