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Meatless Monday Quickie: Get Out of the Kitchen!

Have you been considering going meatless on Mondays but you just don’t have it in you to flex your creative wings whilst doing battle with an array of pots and pans in your kitchen?

Well who said that you had to be the one to cook on Meatless Mondays?


Let someone else do the cooking ...

Let someone else do the cooking …

Here are a few great reasons to put down the skillet and spatula and head out for Meatless Monday:

  • Dining out on Meatless Monday is a great way to escape your kitchen and possibly score yourself a meal deal at the same time. Mondays are notoriously slow days in the restaurant industry. Take advantage of those ghost towns that are normally filled to capacity throughout the week.

  • Chances are, there are very few, if any, all-meat-all-the-time restaurants in your neighborhood; there’s typically a vegetable or two on the menu most any place you go … and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited to a salad sans meat. Go on a search and destroy mission: seek out veggies and demolish them (with your teeth, that is).

    You're not limited to salads!

    You’re not limited to salads!

  • Perhaps it’s a Meatless Monday Special featured on the menu at your favorite grazing spot. You’ll likely pay far less for a beautiful plate of veggies than that huge porterhouse steak you were dreaming about last night.

Meatless Monday doesn’t have to leave you chained to your stove. Break those bonds, make Monday “Date Night,” and go grab a nice plateful of wonderful vegetables!

Happy Meatless Monday!


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