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Today’s Foodism: For Goodness Sake … EAT!

Grimond de la Reynière

While I don’t agree with the notion that those who don’t eat are “envious, foolish or nasty,” I would rather be around people who enjoy a meal or two. When I was on a diet, I never stopped eating. I simply ate less. To cease eating altogether (fasting, if you will), is not a part of my intrinsic nature. I love food. I’d rather not go without, thank you very much. Some abstain from food for religious reasons while others do it in a bid to shed excess pounds (a/k/a starving). Still, there are those who suffer the effects of compulsive eating disorders and are taught to be physically abstinent from using food addictively. Since I don’t fall into any of those categories, I proactively choose to eat. What about you?


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