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A Tasty Contest Indeed: Farmland Bacon Club and the Ultimate Sculpture—Bacon!

As much as I would like to suppress the knowledge of certain truths about myself to the outside world—my pathetic (and often comical) fear of butterflies, how the thought of a ladybug landing on my bare skin is enough to give me a case of the shakes or the fact that I love imitating my favorite cartoon characters—there are a few tidbits which hold no shame for me. One such truth is my fondness for bacon.

I have no words except "Yummmmm"

I have no words except “Yummmmm”

After nearly 25 years of abstaining from red meat and pork, and barely three years after falling hard off the meat wagon, I fell hard all over again … for bacon. Oh sure, I had dabbled in turkey bacon over the years and even tried my hand at duck bacon (sadly, as much as I like that particular fowl, duck bacon is not to my liking), but there’s just something about bacon bacon, you know?

bacon bust 4I thought I had my bacon lust under control. I wasn’t at the point of needing therapy and that was a good sign, and I felt certain I could quit bacon anytime I wanted to (but I’ll be damned if I want to).  And then I found out about the Farmland Bacon Club and I salivated. A lot. However, it’s not just bacon that piqued my interest; it’s their Bacon or Bust contest that caused a brief euphoric moment of glassy-eyed amazement.

I said to myself, “Self, you mean to tell me I could win a life-size bacon sculpture of my head and free bacon for a year?!?” You betcha.

Where do I sign up?!? Oh yeah . . . I already did. And if you’re a bacon nut, you should too.

Simply sign up to become a member (if you aren’t already one) of the Farmland Bacon Club (it’s free!) by June 15, 2014 and you can enter to win your mug … sculpted … in bacon. And don’t forget about the free bacon for a year, too.

While you’re on the Farmland Bacon Club site, poke around and smell what they’re cooking—trivia, recipes, videos and more.


2 Comments on A Tasty Contest Indeed: Farmland Bacon Club and the Ultimate Sculpture—Bacon!

  1. Sinfully Tempting // May 24, 2014 at 10:47 am // Reply

    Oh my goodness that is a wonderful website, I didn’t even realize it existed! Thanks for posting it! 🙂


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