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Great Gifts That Won’t Embarrass Dad This Father’s Day

He’s the man you’ve looked up to (and sometimes down upon as a growth spurt kicked in and your height surpassed his) all your life. He’s supported you in every harebrained scheme you’ve ever concocted. He’s the man who beamed with pride and clapped the loudest when you played a carrot in the school play. He’s the man you call dad, pops, father, dada, papi, papa …

This Father’s Day, we pay tribute to the man who, in our eyes, stands as tall as a huge sequoia tree, is mightier than The Hulk, Superman and Ironman combined and could match wits with a rocket scientist any day of the year (except Sundays … game day). Besides saying “I love you,” there are many ways to show Dad how special you think he is: perhaps with a 6 Pack Camo Beer Can Holster, or maybe a Chia Guy Collectable or even a Worlds Best Dad Mug. While he may enjoy such lovely and thoughtful gifts (not!), why not get Dad something that he can actually use.

Brinkmann 852-7080-E Charcoal Gourmet Grill and Smoker

What offspring doesn’t envision their dear ol’ Dad manning the grill, wielding a spatula and tongs like he was born holding them and bestowing the virtues of his favorite barbecue sauce? Grilling and dads go together like hamburgers and buns. Make this Father’s Day extra special for dad with a combination smoker and grill in one. He can smoke two kinds of foods simultaneously, or remove the lid and add charcoal or wood chips for a satisfying grilling experience. No dad should be without a grill. Ever.

Picnic at Ascot B.B.Q-Chef’s Barbecue Apron and Tools, Black

While Dad’s busy playing the role of the Ultimate Grill Master, shouldn’t he look the part, too? Real men do wear aprons, like this vinyl-backed chef’s apron that’s perfecting for the grilling aficionado. It features pockets to hold the included utensils: stainless steel tongs, oversized spatula, fork and basting brush. There’s even a heavy duty oven mitt for when things get a little heated. Once Dad is done with his grill duties, the apron rolls and zips up into a handy carrying case.

Stone Drink Dispenser

When Dad wants to unwind with an adult beverage, he wants it delivered with a bit of panache. Chances are he’ll be the only guy on the block with this cool stone drink dispenser. Made in New Hampshire and hand crafted from handpicked stones native to New England, its rustic aesthetics simply scream “M.A.N.” while still making an attractive addition to any bar. Even the tap handle is made of stone. If only Fred Flintstone had thought of this … yabba dabba do!

Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, Set of 4

Take a little salt with your tequila? You can achieve that wonderfully nuanced note of saltiness to your spirit of choice without spilling granules all over the place with Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. Carved from Himalayan pink salt, they’re the ultimate complement to a 3 ounce shot of Gran Patrón Platinum, Casa Noble or Herradura tequila. With just a little tender loving care (simply wipe them dry after each use), these glasses will last a long time—no need to worry about them dissolving like your garden variety table salt.

LED Barbeque Grill Light

Dad is a great guy, isn’t he? Sure, he sometimes forgets where he put his reading glasses, he insists on feeding the dog broccoli or he can’t hang a picture straight to save his life. But he’s still the world’s greatest dad. So on those occasions when Dad doesn’t fire up the grill until twilight, when the sky takes on beautiful golden and red hues and the sun is about to call it a day, he’s going to need some illumination over those burgers and chicken drumsticks. This battery powered, flexible, mountable torch with 18 LED lights is just what the chef ordered. The light features a timer for automatic shut off, and the sturdy construction and weatherproof shroud protects the light from the elements. Now Dad can’t use the excuse, “It was too dark and I couldn’t see the hot dogs,” when he chars them beyond recognition.

Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 15, 2014). Don’t be a last-minute frantic CVS shopper!


4 Comments on Great Gifts That Won’t Embarrass Dad This Father’s Day

  1. I’m loving that stone drink dispenser tool


  2. talkavino // June 6, 2014 at 9:37 am // Reply

    Stone drink dispenser is my favorite! Don’t even know why…


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