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What’s Cookin’: 10 Essential Kitchen Tools

Gadgets. Doodads. Gizmos. Whatchamacallits. Whatever term of affection you use to refer to your cooking implements, without question, everyone has their favorite go-to tool in the kitchen. Some wannabe chefs wouldn’t dream of stepping foot into their kitchen in the absence of a really phenomenal chef’s knife. Then there are those who swear by their silicone spatulas that can magically do the work of a dozen kitchen tools. And, of course, who can forget the tightly wound cooks who refuse to relinquish control of the kitchen even as they clutch a sauté pan with a mighty kung fu grip and swear that the only way to take it away from them is if you pry it from their cold, dead hands. Recognize yourself in any of these?

While I’ve never pondered the question or thought to myself, “Self, I wonder . . . what are the 10 most popular cooking tools?”, I’ve found that my interest was piqued somewhat when someone else dared to pose that very question. Lo and behold, not only was it asked, but also answered. I have Mercatrade‘s inquisitive nature to thank for that. Mercatrade has put together a graphic highlighting the 10 most popular cooking tools.

While ingredients, cooking styles and meals may vary, kitchen essentials will always be, well, kitchen essentials. Are any of these the most popular cooking tools in your kitchen? What’s your favorite kitchen cooking tool?


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