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So You Say You Wanna Know?

What are Bocconcini?

Cheese, glorious cheese. Many of us love it but, sadly, there are more than a few unlucky souls who have an intolerance for this wonderful gift from the food gods. I count myself among the fromage fanatics who cannot seem to get enough of cheese in its many forms. From the firmness of Cheddar to the creaminess of Camembert … the bite of Blue Castello to the mild sweetness of young Asiago … ahhhhh.

While there are hundreds of different varieties of cheeses, many people are familiar with mozzarella, a popular cheese that adorns pizzas, salads and hearty sandwiches alike. However, since you wanted to know, Bocconcini takes mozzarella one step further—or should I say, one step back.

Bocconcini -- fresh little balls of garlic

Bocconcini — fresh little balls of mozzarella

What are Bocconcini?

Bocconcini are small, bite-sized balls of fresh mozzarella (about 1-inch or so). Like their bigger cousin, these daintier counterparts which originated in Italy are rindless and semi-soft and they’re great in recipes that call for a light buttery flavored cheese. You can find fresh bocconcini in the grocery store where they will likely be packed in water or whey. For a more flavorful version, buy the bocconcini marinated in olive oil (or go the DIY route). The marinade might include garlic, savory herbs  such as basil, oregano and parsley, and perhaps a smattering of red pepper flakes.

To taste bocconcini in action, try this wonderful Summer Caprese Salad recipe featuring bocconcini, fresh basil and grape tomatoes.

You wanted to know? Now you know!

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