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Today’s Foodism: A Day of Thanks


Thanksgiving. It is the day we gather as family and friends to give thanks for the blessings of which we have been bestowed. For some, those blessings include a place to lay their head each night, the means to clothe the body and food to eat. Sadly, some are not as well-heeled and, for the things that others may take for granted, these less fortunate ones simply feel blessed to see another day.

In dining rooms all across America, identical scenes are played out on this day of giving thanks: eat, eat and eat some more. We will likely eat to excess and slip into tryptophan comas. However, when loosening the belt on your bathrobe, stretching the elastic waistband on the polyester pants or belching under your breath and going back for round three, take a moment to be truly thankful within your heart for the bounty that you have and, if that thankful spirit moves you, share your blessings with someone who may go without this year.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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