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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth—Today is National Cookie Day

cookies 5aLet’s face it: It’s been one helluva week.

Your boss has been relentlessly breathing down your neck … yesterday your car wouldn’t start … someone stole your lunch from the office refrigerator … your dog walked out on you … and the hits just keep on coming. You’re about to totally lose your mind. And it’s just Thursday.

Kinda sucks, right?

You deserve a break today. You need a quick-fix pick-me-up. You want a hug.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any remedies for that, but I do hope to inspire you a little because today is . . .

National Cookie Day!

Come on, you know you want a cookie . . . or six. What’s your pleasure?

national cookie day collage

How great would you feel if you were eating your favorite cookie right now? Don’t hold back … enjoy this ‘food holiday’ while you can!



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