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Friday Foodism: For the Love of Pete, Stop F*#@&^g Up Mexican Food

Anthony Bourdain 13

Alright America, we’ve been butchering Mexican food for just about long enough. Yeah, those sizzling fajitas are outstanding, but we made that s**t up. And what the hell does a chimichanga have to do with Mexico? Come on … we can do better. Reach for a tamale, a plate of chiles en nogada, a bowl of pozole or even a plate of cactus, better known in Mexico as nopales (see picture above).

And, oh, please stop f*#@&^g up Mesican cuisine.


4 Comments on Friday Foodism: For the Love of Pete, Stop F*#@&^g Up Mexican Food

  1. I’m a San Antonio girl. Every year Texas Monthly Magazine does a review of the best Mexican food in the state, and San Antonio always comes in first. Last week I had Mexican food in NYC. Ha, ha, ha… I will say they got the guacamole right. Brenda


    • We used to live in Stamford, CT, about 45 minutes from NYC. I have had really great Mexican food, but for the most part it has been TexMex, not true Mexican.


  2. Hmmm, Val, do you think you are a bit too brutal here? Do you think Chinese have a problem with what is served here as a Chinese food? Or how authentic Thai cuisine in my neighborhood Thia joint? As long as food is tasty, is that really matter?


    • No, don’t think I’m being too harsh. Restaurants cater to our palates, but if we go to Mexico and ask for a food item that doesn’t exist there — something that is not a staple or part of the indigenous fare, we complain. Yes, it’s good food, but once in a blue moon it wouldn’t hurt to eat the food the way it was meant to be eaten.


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